What We're Into: 8/4

Thursday, August 4, 2016

If you look at the post before this you're probably thinking, “You haven't posted anything in so long! WHAT THE HECK!?” Yeah, we’re thinking the same thing. We can't believe it's August already and summer seems to be less fun as an adult because we have to work and have responsibilities and everything, ya know? Anyways, Ray has been super busy planning her wedding that is in September and working on moving into an apartment. While A has been helping her along the way as a bridesmaid and doing her duties of designing all things paper and helping prep the pre-wedding fun. We haven’t forgotten about the blogging world! Here are some super cool things we can't seem to get our minds off of...

Cat videos. Because just when you think you've seen them all, you haven't. This one in particular is the bomb.

Thankfully glasses are always in style thanks to Warby Parker, now that both of us are now “4-eyes.” These sunnies have us dreaming of a forever summer!

Speaking of cats… Philly opened it’s second cat cafe this year, called Kawaii Kitty Cafe in Queen Village, and it’s PAW-some (#sorrynotsorry for the pun) Complete with a full coffee bar, delicious pastries, and of course lots of furry friends to cuddle up with while you sip away! You can also pick up some of A’s greeting cards (cat edition) in the shop!

Target ain’t just for suburban moms! Center City opened a Target Express last week, and we have yet to check it out, but nonetheless excited to see that big red bullseye grace the city streets.

Let’s face it– everyone’s a plant lady these days, so why not use them to decorate your room/apartment/house? Monica over at East Coast Creative has a fun little DIY plant cozy that’s instant decor to jazz up your house and your plants!

Stick around for more fun posts in the near future!