Sunday, February 5, 2017

So you may be thinking, 'oh look, another felt banner.' Yes, this is a felt banner DIY, but it's next level. Why commit to one phrase when you can customize it to whatever you want whenever you want?! You may already have some of these supplies in your craft corner, but if not grab ten bucks and head to pick them up! In honor of February we used some cheesy love phrases.


+ Thick piece of felt 
+ Wooden dowel 
+ Felt letters
+ Sticky back Velcro 
+ Glue gun
+ Scissors 
+ Twine, ribbon or yarn to hang the banner

^ can you spot the kitty paw?

S T E P   O N E 

Cut the bottom corners of the felt banner making a point in the center of the felt. You may want to grab a ruler or something with a straight edge to help make this even.

S T E P   T W O

Saw or snap the wooden dowel so that it is sticking out a bit further than the width of the felt banner. Flip the felt banner over and roll the wooden dowel into the felt. Use your glue gun to secure the felt onto the dowel and hold down for about ten seconds.

S T E P   T H R E E

Using just the rough Velcro, begin to cut strips into squares to stick on the felt letters. The rough Velcro will stick to the felt banner while the softer strips of Velcro will not. Peel off the plastic on the back of the Velcro squares and stick onto the back corners of each felt letter.

S T E P   F O U R

Line up the letters onto your felt banner, flip over and press down firmly so the Velcro sticks onto the felt.

Switch up the felt banner as often as you want for celebrations, holidays, countdowns and more! The possibilities are endless. Share your banners on Instagram and tag @rayandablog - we would love to see them!


Atlas Supply Co. Backpack Review

Sunday, January 29, 2017

We have some exciting product review news for you this week (we ain't Forbes, but we speak the truth). Working full-time and adventuring on the weekends (#doitfortheblog) is always a production, and we don't travel lightly– between a 15" macbook, DSLR camera, some notebooks, and of course the necessary wallets and phones, it gets hard to juggle it all. Enter Atlas Supply Co, the beautiful solution to the modern day freelancer's problems.

Jamie and Stephen of Salt & Ember design studio had the idea to put a little more ease of access into freelancer's lives with a bag that carried it all. Being designers, photographers and small business owners, they put their brains together and came up with a design plan for the first Atlas Supply Co. backpack.

*Designerd tangent: Look. At. This. Branding. It's so cohesive and cool, I'd buy anything if they put that tag on it (only kind of kidding...) These days branding is half the finished product, so it's gotta be good, and I think it's safe to say this husband and wife dynamic design duo nailed it.

This baby is 110% gorgeous– I mean, look at that smoooooth, shiny leather... We jumped at the chance to try and review this product, and are super excited to tell you about it!

The Entrepreneur Bag comes in Black, Walnut (what I got!) and Copper, they're all perfect it was hard to make a decision! Each bag comes with a super cohesively branded bag, tag and tin of leather sealer wax. Before you even get to the real bag, the packing is a surprise in itself!

Just look at that walnut beaut! 

They even branded the bag with their killer little logo!

My favorite feature of this backpack is probably the laptop zip pocket in the back, which fits any size laptop up to 15-inch. So convenient, especially for travel when you have to pop it in and out. 

Overall, this backpack get's a 10/10– can't wait to keep using it!

DIY: Plywood Letterboard

Friday, January 13, 2017

You've all seen the trendy letter boards and light boards from Letterfolk and Heidi Swapp, and don't get us wrong, they're pretty awesome. I mean, they're what inspired us to create a hybrid of the two!

You'll also need some transparency sheets, sandpaper and a pair of scissors.

Step 1. Take your dowels, and measure them against your plywood board, marking the width with a pencil. 

Step 2. Cut the dowels with a handsaw or chop saw (or a very, very industrial pair of clippers). Sand the ends lightly until smooth. 

Step 3. Using some E6000 glue, glue your dowels onto the board, spacing equally depending on how many lines of text you want. 

Step 4. Paint your plywood board and dowels white (or whatever color your little hear desires) and let that dry. Do a second or third coat if you think it needs it.

Step 5. Start by cutting your transparency sheets into strips that fit in between your dowels. Then place the letters onto the strips you just cut, leaving enough space in between letters for equal spacing.

Step 6. Once you have all the letters cut out, time to play!

Now it's time to think of some snarky (or cute) quotes, and put 'em on display!

We'd love to see your own take on this DIY, so if you make it, share it! Tag your projects with #rayandablog