Monday, August 10, 2015

Did you realize that it's National S'mores Day? If you haven't already start up a fire pit, start roasting and eat as many s'mores as you possibly can. For real. Ray has a slight love for s'mores. Just a little bit...

To celebrate this glorious holiday we're sharing a free download to celebrate today and our favorite s'mores ideas from fellow bloggers that you must try before the summer ends. 

+ O N E : Indoor S'mores
+ T H R E E : Miniature S'mores Pies
+ F I V E : S'mores Iced Coffee

We even made our own s'mores! Yes, we succumbed to the chocolatey pressure that is this favorite summertime treat... we made traditional s'mores, chocolate chip cookie s'mores, and Reese's s'mores!


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