DIY: Cinnamon Stick Coasters

Monday, December 7, 2015

Because getting ready for the holiday season always involves decorating every nook and cranny of the house, we’re going to be featuring a different DIY every week until Christmas! So get your crafty pants on, and let’s get started!
Nothing screams Christmas more than the sweet smell of cinnamon filling the house. We’re sharing this super simple DIY that only requires two materials. Cinnamon sticks and twine. See below for instructions on how to make this fun DIY perfect for the holidays!


+ Cinnamon sticks
+ Baker's twine (or any string will do!)

Step 1: Line up your cinnamon sticks so they're as level as can be, then tie a knot on the first stick, securing the string before you start weaving.

Step 2: Start weaving the string under, over, (under, over...) the cinnamon sticks. Once you reach the last one, loop around the bottom and weave the other way.

Step 3: When you reach your original knot, tie the two ends together. Repeat on other side of the cinnamon sticks.

Now you have a cute, festive decoration and a fragrant scent to fill your home as you set that hot cup of coffee on your new coaster.

Sidenote: Isn't coffee with creamer swirls the most fascinating, beautiful thing, or is is just me?

Oh yeah! These coasters also look super cute with a candle burning on them. When the candle gets warm, you just might smell some cinnamon. Last week we went to a pop-up holiday shop, and Alisa bought this candle from Zoet Bathlatier, an artisanal candle and soap-maker. Do check out her website and her etsy shop—these would make great Christmas gifts with a coaster!

Use these cinnamon coasters with your hot tea to give off a rich, cinnamon scent, or use them for your holiday decoration! Craft along with us, and share your coasters on social media using #rayandablog— we can’t wait to see your crafts!


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