(So over this) Snow

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

So over here on the east coast we have been experiencing quite a bit of snow ever since winter storm Jonas decided to roll in... 

Though we’re grateful for having four seasons, we’re a bit excited to wake up to the sun shining and warm weather to get out and explore once again.


Since everything’s been covered in snow lately, we’re really missing green, so naturally we’re dreaming of brunch at Terrain’s Garden Cafe. What’s not to love… fresh, organic ingredients, tons of natural lighting, and being surrounded by plants while you eat? UM, sign us up.


Spring also means snow and ice-free sidewalks… perfect for exploring little city streets! We think the best way to explore is to do it without an itinerary! No stress, no schedule, just a good pair of walking shoes and a “so what if we get lost a few times” attitude. Some of the best places we’ve been to have been from exploring “on accident!”


The fresh smell of paper, the beautiful writing utensils and straight up bangin’ designs. We’re suckers for a quality stationery shop and can spend hours admiring it all.
We'll be counting down the days until spring. What are you most looking forward to doing once all the winter weather leaves us?


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  1. Love that picture with the yellow doors! :) I'm so ready for spring!


    1. We can't wait either! That awesome photo credit goes to E.M. Riccini over at Lark+Lace!