Sunday, May 22, 2016

Get it? While the rain has been sticking around for literally weeks, it didn't stop us from going out on another Philly adventure. And this time we went exploring along with two others– A's sister, Kelsey, and our dear friend, Leanne. 


Of course we needed to fuel our bodies for the day, so we stopped by Little Spoon Cafe for our brunching needs. Mason jars, windowsill plants, cheery printed wallpaper, and fine food are just a few of our favorite things about this place! The menu alone has such a unique variety of foods that we didn't even know existed, like ramps which are apparently a 'mild green vegetable,' kinda like a green onion... go figure. They definitely know what they're doing here because it was a delicious choice. 


What's a day in Philly without stopping by La Colombe each and every time? But this time we were able to give our friend Leanne the experience of her first draft latte, and she loved it (of course.) There's really nothing quite like the smooth layer of foam, crunchy ice chunks and fresh espresso. Insanely refreshing.


West Elm. The visuals in this place are literally jaw dropping each and every time. From the room accents to the pillows to the furniture pieces we were already planning our future, non existent home as if we could buy everything in the store for it. One day my friends, one day...


The Blick store. Ray had never been in here and boy was she missing out all these years. For all your art supply needs, and we mean any, this is the place to go. Walls of different kinds of pen is the place we want to be! Let's just say we spent a good chunk here gawking at the variety of supplies Blick carries, and definitely didn't come out empty-handed.


The perfect stop for accomplishing any projects in a chill atmosphere that has two floors for space with drinks and eating options, Chapterhouse Cafe. Our main goal for the day was to assemble all of Ray's wedding invites so they're all ready to send out. This was the perfect way to catch up with each other, share some crazy stories, and get organized. We even had a little visit from the cafe's dog friend. We highly recommend this place to get some serious work done, or if you just want a chill spot to catch up with a friend.

Until next time, Phily. We're thankful for friends that stick together and always make time for each other even when life is crazy!


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  1. LOVE this blog! I love reading about your adventures. Looks like you had another great time exploring the city this weekend. Best of luck as your blogging career takes off!

  2. Thanks for being a faithful reader Susanna!