Tuesday, July 14, 2015

H O L Y C O W !

It's cow appreciation day!

Chick-fil-a is celebrating Cow Appreciation Day today. Do you know what that means? Dress like a cow, go to Chick-fil-a and get a free meal. Aka dress in all white, tape black paper cutouts that look like spots to your clothing and waltz into the place to get your free meal. Udderly simple. The website actually provides you with a downloadable costume kit!

D I D Y O U K N O W 

+ Cows are social animals. This means we as humans should try to bond with them. Cows actually bond with each other and make friends within the herd while avoiding others. Sounds like mean girls to me...
+ Cows can't vomit
+ You can lead a cow upstairs, but not downstairs
+ Cows came to America with the pilgrims
+ No two cows have the exact same pattern of spots. I'm sure they embrace their uniqueness

Show your Cow Appreciation spirit, and use this download for your phone, computer, office, or send it to a fellow cow lover in the form of a greeting card!


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  1. fun content! Nice to have you with PHLBloggers! :)

  2. Thanks Lydia! We're excited to meet other local bloggers!