Thursday, July 9, 2015

Disclaimer: We are not and we will never be new yorkers, but sometimes we pretend to be. The only reason we really came here was for Jimmy. Jimmy Fallon. We were able to explore a lot, eat a lot, and walk a lot. We burnt over 30,000 calories according to Alisa (jk. 3,000 calories)

W H E R E   W E   E X P L O R E D

+ Times Square - Filled with too many tourists and weird smells
+ Central Park - A great place to get a workout you didn't realize you needed and find a cool castle invaded by annoying herds of day camp kids
+ The Metropolitan Museum of Art - Filled with endless pieces of art from every time period you can imagine. From sculptures, to statues, to paintings, to a creepy film about a monkey child with a human mask. A lady burst out either crying or laughing while the film was playing. We still have no clue what her reaction was
+ NBC Studios - Our dream came true…we don't have pictures, but we swear we saw him. We were banned from taking photos and snacking. We even set the metal detectors off in the process and security wasn't even concerned. Didn't even care *in Jimmy Fallon mob voice*
+ Bill's Bar & Burger - BANGIN’ BURGERS AND MOUTHWATERING MILKSHAKES. 'Nuff said. Highly recommend
+ Bouchon Bakery - An adorable bakery with cute pastries, friendly employees, and great coffee. What more can you ask for?

W H A T   W E   L E A R N E D

+ Always pay for your bus ticket ahead of time. Especially if you're the first stop and the bus driver lacks change and is grumpy
+ Not everyone understands or appreciates art. This may lead to some deep conversations and sarcastic remarks, but that’s a step in the right direction
+ Don't ask the po po for good eats in the area. They might not be from the area. Heck, they might even be from The Bronx. Instead, ask a sales associate

We love NYC, but always cherish coming back home. What are some of your favorite places to explore in the big apple?


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