Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Sometimes the best ideas spark when you're rummaging through your college craft boxes... literally! This is the perfect way to recycle brown kraft paper bags and use your excessive amount of paint color swatches that you've been hoarding (admit it, you know you do...) Put together this DIY in less than 5 minutes for the perfect finishing touch to your gift bags or boxes!


+ Brown kraft paper bag
+ Gift tag punch
+ Paint color swatches
+ Hole punch
+ Scissors
+ Glue stick
+ Marker
+ A cat or two to keep you company (optional, but highly recommended)

Step 1: Use the gift tag punch on the side of the kraft paper bag. One punch on the side should get you two or three tags at once from the layers.
Step 2: Cut strips from the paint color swatches or any other fun shapes! Glue these onto the tags.
Step 3: Use the hole punch at the top of the tags and customize with your marker!

Use fun colors for birthdays and colors coordinating with holidays to have gift tags for any occasion! We would love to see your creations use #rayandablog so we can see your take on this DIY!

P.S. - This DIY could not have been possible without the company of cats Skipper and Binx. We couldn't have done it without their constant interruptions of playing and laying on literally everything.


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