DIY: Re-Purposed Altoid Tins

Friday, March 25, 2016

We all know and love that notorious, classic green and gold tin known as Altoids, but what happens when those strong little mints are gone? Re-use it, people! We have three practical, easy-peasy ways to re-use your own collection of Altoids tins.

1. The Lil' Commuter's Travel Kit

Whether you take 3 trains a day, or drive 20 minutes to work, this little kit will have everything you need! Keys, change, bus fare, headphones, and a phone charger cord— you'll never be ill-prepared again! Toss it all in the tin, and throw it in your purse, and you're ready to go!

2. The Lil' Primp and Pamper Emergency Kit

We've all been in the situation where our hair just won't cooperate and we need a hair tie, or when our lips are (in the words of Napoleon Dynamite) FREAKING CHAPPED AND NEED CHAPSTICK. These little mint tins are perfect sizes for your everyday-hair and face-fixer needs!

Yes, that is cat chapstick, stop judging us...

3. The Lil' Sewing Kit (no, Grandma didn't make this for us)

Sewing seems to be a skill of the past, but it's time to put the needle to the thread and fix that little hole in your favorite sweater yourself. Keep some extra pieces of fabric or patches, some needles and a few mini thread spools in the tin so you'll never have to ask your mom to sew it for you again. Trust us, she'll thank you.

Our cats have sure been into our DIY's lately... that or they just want to be famous. Divas... 


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