DIY: Spice Up Your Stationery

Saturday, April 9, 2016


+ Envelopes! The more colors and paper types, the more fun you'll have customizing!
+ Pens and markers
+ Ink pad
+ Rubber stamps
+ Ruler
+ Decorative paper

We're suckers for some good stamps, ask your friendly Post Office worker what stamp designs they carry—they normally have a lot of different types, you'd be surprised!

Washi tape is a fun and easy way to add a little flair to your mail. Make a little border with your favorite color, or seal off the back with a little swatch, and send that bad boy away!

Yeah, I guess you could say we're pretty tight with Jenn... jk, I've just been on a huge Friend's Netflix binge lately.

If you're like us and have a ton of extra scrap paper lying around, these little envelopes are a fun way to send notes to your friends or leave tiny messages around the house. 

Plain white envelopes can be, well, plain. Grab a marker, a ruler, and some scrap paper, and line the edges and creases with your favorite color!

Stamps are a super easy and crafty way to add some pizzaz to your stationery. Having a few sets of alphabets and some decorative stamps can work for a multitude of projects.

You've all seen the metallic calligraphy trends all over the internet, but it's a tried and true classic way to spruce up those colored envelopes and paper you have laying around. Excuse the pencil lines, but we always sketch in pencil before putting down the ink!

Hopefully you're all inspired to grab your fancy pens and get to work! Some of our favorite envelopes are from Paper Source and Envelopments.

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