Friday, April 22, 2016

After the random snow and chilly weather that consumed our second weekend in April we took full advantage of the 75 degree weather this past Saturday. Since Alisa moved to Philly recently, Rachel used good ol’ Septa to make her way to the city for the day! 


We started the day hungry of course, so we popped into Marathon Grill and had some bangin' omelettes, home fries and multi grain toast. The atmosphere is chill and screams fresh food. Let’s just say we will definitely be back again for more.


The place we can never get enough of. PAPER SOURCE. We probably spent the most time here out of any other place we explored. Between the stationary, desk accessories, gifts, and even a scratch-and-sniff book on whiskey, they definitely have everything you could ever want, and more.


Rittenhouse Square. Since the weather was so nice the park was packed with so many people and more dogs than ever (secretly wishing we had our cats on leash...) After taking a stroll around the farmer's market we planted our butts on a bench to bask in the sunlight and people watch. The perfect combo.


The lovely Anthropologie where visual displays are always on point. Walking around there always leaves our mouths wide open at how much detail is put into the displays. With such a refreshing atmosphere we wandered around each floor in anticipation of what beautiful display would be next. 


La Colombe. Where coffee lovers dwell. After Rachel’s first experience with the can of draft latte, she was so looking forward to getting the real deal. And boy, was it worth the wait. It is the perfect amount of smoothness, creaminess and foam that there could be.

We’re looking forward to the next time we will meet up to explore more of this city. Thank goodness for friends and fun-filled cities. Until next time, keep on exploring!

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